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Better candidate experience and onboardings with SAP HR solutions

We have entered a world where employees skills, ambitions and day to day responsibilities are under stress. People work more remotely, termination rate increases and companies find it harder to support people, re-skill them and provide ways for them to grow as the company evolves. Sign up for this 30 minute recorded webinar, free of charge, to learn how SAP SuccessFactors solutions can support your recruitment and onboarding processes.

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Speaker Rainier and Henrik



In this 30 minute recorded webinar we focus on how to attract the right talent and start building towards opportunity-centric Talent Management.  

We will discuss the following:

  • How to attract, identify and hire the right talent.
  • The recruitment process with embedded intelligent technologies.
  • The onboarding process focused on employee experience for new hired talent, increased productivity for managers and improved efficiency for HR.
  • How this marks the end of Integrated Talent Management and emergence of Intelligent Talent Management.

Henrik Lillieqvist Sorensen (Lead Consultant & Solution Architect) and Rainier Gfeller (Presales consultant) will share their experience and provide you with valuable guidelines.

The webinar is in English. 

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